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Our kids recently found a rock that they have named Chance. One side is butts and one side is heads. They flip Chance and see if it lands heads up or butts up. (Think heads or tails)

It was funny...the timing of their game. We’re in the process of seeing some of our biggest dreams come true. We have been working hard on a new project and finally seeing it coming to life is so exciting! 

It's hard, you know…trying something new. You can plan, you can do all the research, you can crunch all the numbers and weigh all the odds but until you get that idea into the hands of someone who can help make it happen, you just never know if you’ll land heads up or butts up. 

Best case senario is you land heads up and turn your kick awesome idea into a new epic adventure. But you know what?? Even if you land butts up, you can always pick up that rock and flip it again, and again, and again.

So here we are, flipping that rock one day at a time, looking forward to landing heads up into our new awesome adventure.

Cheers to trying new things!

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We were all a bit sad to leave Sedona, but the heat was getting unbearable. We decided to head north to Flagstaff in search of shade and lower temperatures. We were just killing time before we had to drive back to Phoenix for Ada’s surgery. 

Nestled under towering pines, we found a little peace and quiet in the solitude of the Coconino National Forest. This boondocking area was quite busy but we were able to find a place away from the crowds. Our neighbors were udderly adorable!

cows in flagstaff

While in Flagstaff, we were able to visit a few awesome places. First up was Wupatki National Monument. We have visited so many ruins lately that they’re all starting to run together, but I do remember this place being really cool...despite the 100+ degree temperatures that day. The kids were able to complete their Junior Ranger booklets while we were there, earning another badge. I love how much they (and us, too) are learning by visiting all these National Parks and Monuments. 

wupatki national monument wupatki national monument 2

The same day that we visited Wupatki we also had time to go to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. Another Junior Ranger book day! This place was really neat. 

Sunset Crater National Monument

It’s not often that we get to walk on lava rocks. On our little hike around the area, we even got to check out the ‘ice cave’. It’s blocked off so you can’t go in it, but just standing outside the cave entrance you can feel how cold it is. We stayed there a long time to cool off from the trail on black lava rocks. We were all so hot that day. We were counting down the days until we could leave Arizona. At this point, temperatures were reaching 110-113 and we were miserable!

Sunset Crater National Monument2

We headed back to the Airstream to cool off in the shade for the rest of the evening. Nights were cool and breezy which made our days tolerable. 

The next morning we woke up refreshed and ready for another day of exploring. This time we visited Walnut Canyon National Monument. Some call it the Mini Grand Canyon. While it’s really impressive, I’m sure that it doesn’t come close to the endless views of the Grand Canyon itself. (Hopefully we get there one day)

walnut canyon national monument

With another Junior Ranger booklet in hand, we took the trial down the canyon. I think there was around 273 steps into the canyon and then you make your way around this huge bolder that once housed hundreds of Sinagua Indianas. Their cliff dwellings we so well preserved. We loved that you could actually go in several of the ‘homes’ but can you even imagine raising a toddler on a cliff? Let alone fetching water and carrying it up the cliff side into your home? It’s amazing to think of how easy our lives are now. Sometimes I wish we could travel back in time to experience what it was like back in the days without stores, cars, electricity, plumbed water. 

walnut canyon

I loved that we could go in some of the dwellings and see what others saw centuries before us. 

With another badge to add to the collection, the kids were ready for a Junior Ranger break! 

walnut canyon 3

While we love the program, perhaps 3 parks in 2 days was a bit much. We took their advice to just do something for fun and ‘not educational’. Ha, little do they know there is ALWAYS something educational about the places we go. 

So, we planned a ‘non-educational’ trip to a Lava River Cave! Guys, this place was our absolute favorite hike in flagstaff and it was FREE!! Out in the middle of forest roads we came to an opening under ground. A lava tube was formed and it’s over a mile long, underground, in the dark and it’s chilly in there!

ice in lava cave lava cave

Armed with flashlights and jackets we entered in and we were blown away. It was probably around 45 degrees in there but the hike was so physical that you don’t mind being in the cold. 

You climb down rocks in the beginning being careful to watch your step as it’s just rocks piled on top of each other. There is ice in the cave year round so it made your steps a bit slippery as well. I started questioning myself as to if this was a good idea with a 5 and 7 year old…and me…but we did it. It was so much fun. At one point you come to a fork and we went to the right which was a really small spot. We practically crawled to get to the other side. 

Since there were only our flashlights, no pictures could really show you what was going on. It was so cool and you MUST go if you’re in the Flagstaff area. Such a cool experience. Make sure you take at least 3 light sources in case one or two go out. At one point, we all huddled together and turned out all our lights. It was so amazing. Just being in complete darkness, cold, quiet and just being there alone for a few minutes. Jax freaked out a bit and had to turn on his light - he does not like to be in the dark, even with us right there next to him. I can’t blame him though, it was kind of creepy! But creepy in a really awesome way. 

We enjoyed several campfires at our secluded site.

campfire in flagstaff

It was so nice to just relax by the fire and talk. We are truly loving our time as a family off grid. It’s been so nice to just be together without distractions. 

It was finally time to head back down to Phoenix to get ready for Ada’s surgery. We wanted to be close to Phoenix Children’s Hospital and when some friends on Instagram invited us to stay at their place (and help us try to fix our brake issue) we couldn’t say no! Especially since they had electric hookups! If you’re boondocking in Phoenix in the summer, something is wrong with you.

We headed out the next morning after a fun evening with new friends. We found a place on Boondockers welcome that looked promising. The family was out of town but they had people watching their house, but the big draw was they had a pool that they said we could use. 

We tried one night without hookups and it was just too miserable. We made reservations at a nearby state park, jumped in the swimming pool to cool off a bit, then quickly made the drive to Lost Dutchman State Park

lost dutchman state park

We absolutely love this park but it was hellish hot we couldn’t do much. We had reflectix in all the windows which looked rather conspicuous but it was totally necessary to keep the trailer below 90 degrees! We were happy when it was 85 in here. Thank goodness for (nearly) empty state parks that let us use their electrical hookups!

We stayed 10 days. Jonathan was able to get a crazy hike in one day. I thought he was nuts! He woke up at 4:30 to start the Flat Iron trail which was supposed to take around 4 hours! Long story short, he ended up taking a wrong turn about half way through and never made it all the way to his destination. 8 hours later he makes it down in the 100+ temperatures.

flat iron

I’m so thankful he made it down, especially since hearing that sometimes people don't... I was getting worried around the 6 hour mark! He enjoyed his time and the views, although, he did leave a little disappointed. I know he’ll do it again though (with a friend) if we’re back down this way and it’s not in the summer!

Before Ada's surgery, we were able to meet up with a childhood friend of mine. The Prather girls lived just 2 streets over from us when we were just little kids. They had 3 girls and so did we, and we were all really close to the same ages. Nicole was the same age as my oldest sister. 

She now lives in Phoenix and invited us to her beautiful home to swim. It was so fun to catch up with her and meet her 3 children. It's probably been 25-30 years since we've seen each other but it was so fun to remember all our times playing together. Roller skating in our driveway, walks to the McDonalds to play the Monopoly game, etc. A walk down memory lane. 

meeting nicole

This is just one of the many reasons we love traveling. Getting to meet up with new and old friends along our way. Thanks for having us over, Nicole!

Now it was time for Ada's surgery. She has had a hernia since she was born and it was finally to the point of hurting her if she got hit in her stomach. We knew it was time to get it fixed. This is one hard thing about being away from home, finding doctors and a hospital that you feel is the best option for where you are. We did a lot of research and talked to several friends in the area and we found a doctor that we felt really good about. Luckily he was able to get her in very quick. 

ada pre surgery

She did great with the surgery. She had very minimal pain and was back to herself in just over 24 hours! Now, almost a month later, she’s doing great! I am so thankful for Dr. David Notrica and Phoenix Children’s Hospital for taking care of our little girl. We were a nervous wreck but Ada handled it like a champ!

Now, let’s get the heck out of Arizona!

Locations in this post


Wupatki National Monument

25137 N Wupatki Loop Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86004


Sunset Crater

Sunset Crater
Arizona 86004 USA


Walnut Canyon National Monument

3 Walnut Canyon Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86004


Lava River Cave

171B Forest Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Phoenix Children's Hospital

1919 E Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85016


Lost Dutchman State Park

6109 N Apache Trail
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

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If you follow us on Instagram - @bareneckers - then you would know that we’ve been having one heck of a month. 

And you would know that we’ve been having brake issues on the trailer since the end of March. It started on I10 in Louisiana when the road was so bad that it seemed something rattle loose and caused our truck to throw a TRAILER FAULT code every time we hit the brakes. We tried to locate the issue many times on our own. 

Img 2993

We checked our wiring to and from the trailer. We had our truck checked out, we rewired the pigtail, but we could never find the issue. 

Full Size Render 3

We took it to a brake shop in Texas and they said it was our truck’s brake controller so they installed a 3rd party controller but 10 minutes down the road we were still getting the TRAILER FAULT code. 

We were stumped. No one could locate the issue! Finally we went to Arizona and ended up at a friend’s house we met through Instagram (we love our community there). He offered to look at it for us. We pulled the wires down from the junction box we created under the trailer. I’m so glad Dad decided to add that so that all the wires weren’t hidden in the underbelly. We have access to the wires and so we pulled them down to see if there was an issue there. Our friend Yancy found one wire that had a slit in the casing with a couple wires popping out. We thought, that has to be it! It must be hitting something up in there and causing the brakes to ground out. Yancy wrapped up the wire and the next morning when we left it seemed to be doing great! But sure enough, when the brakes were applied hard enough it would still throw the fault code. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT!?

We had planned to go up in to California and would be on some mountain passes so we HAD to figure this out before we made that trip. We were just frustrated. We thought for sure we were going to have to drop the underbelly and look at all the wires again. That was the LAST thing we wanted to do. 

Then something awesome happened. Another guy (@poorboy_lighting) who follows us on Instagram (see, I told you…we have a great tribe there) offered to help us out. He is an electrician and has worked on Airstreams with his friend Jay, @vintage_trailer_restoration, who restores them so they know what to look for. 

We changed our plans and headed to San Luis Obispo, CA. It was so out of the way but we needed trailer brakes! Thankfully we didn’t have anywhere we HAD to be, we were just trying to escape the heat. We found a campsite close to his shop in SLO and headed there first thing Monday morning. These guys really do know what to look for. 

Full Size Render Full Size Render 2

They checked the wiring and we went through all the possibilities all morning. They thought for sure we needed a new plug on the Airstream side so a quick change-out and we thought we had it. A quick test in the parking lot and….TRAILER FAULT! GAH! 

We knew all the connections were right. All the wires looked good, then Eric says, "I wonder if it’s in the wheel?" We knew we were getting signal to all of the wheels because we tested that, but one of them wasn’t engaging despite receiving the signal. Okay, let’s just disconnect the front axle to see if the rear axle  brakes will still work. A quick test and…. THEY WORKED! 

Now we know that the problem is in one of those wheels! Neither of us were comfortable taking apart the wheels to check so we looked for a trailer brake shop. The quickest we could make it in a shop in SLO was 4 weeks! WHAT??? We can’t stay here that long! We called around and found a place in the next biggest town that was on our way and called to see if they could get us in and they said, "how soon can you get here?" 

We found this awesome campsite at Availa Beach (no hookups but still $50/night!?!? WHAT?? We have to get off the coast). Yes, it was a crazy expensive site for no hookups but it was pretty great! Amazing view, cool breeze, walkable beach. We'd probably go back if we come down the coast this fall.

Img 3670 Img 3711 Img 3673 Img 3692 Img 3705

The next morning we headed out to Bakersfield to get our brakes fixed once and for all...or so we hoped!

We thought for sure it was the driver’s side front wheel so they started with that one. But when they opened it up they said it looked good. Arghghghg!!! We were about to lose all hope. “Well, let’s try the other wheel on the same axle,” they said. And guys…THEY FOUND IT!!!!! 

Img 6313 Img 6314

Apparently the bushing that holds the actuator arm in place had either fallen off or was never attached to begin with. That meant that the main braking arm was just flopping all over the place and had worn through the wire’s outer casing. 

Guys, these were 3 month old axels/brakes! It never crossed our mind that the problem would be in the new parts! Good grief!

It made more sense to just replace the whole assembly, and luckily Bud's Brake and Wheel Shop had the part and put it all back together in a few minutes.

We took out of there, slammed on the brakes and NO FAULT!!!! Whooo! We were so excited.

So, a huge thank you to @poorboy_lighting in San Luis Obispo for helping us locate the problem. He went way above and beyond to help us figure this out. When it got too late in the day to work at the shop, he took us to his house so he could continue looking for the issue. If you are in need of any electrical work, we can highly recommend you work with Poorboy Electric. Thank you Jay, for also helping us figure out this issue. We are so thankful for your knowledge and willingness to help us out on such short notice. If anyone needs help with their vintage trailer, Jay's the man to help you bring it back to life. Here, you can find out more info about his Vintage Trailer Restoration business!

And a great big thank you to Bud's Brake and Wheel Shop for getting us in so quickly and fixing our problem! It is so nice to have trailer brakes! We have gone far too long without them. 

We are on our way! We can finally make it to the spot in Mammoth Lakes that we have been itching to get to. It’s a 4.5 hour drive that we would tackle in a day. We where about 2 hours away when we got a code on our dash that threw our truck into ‘limp home’ mode! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW???

We barely had enough power to make it to the shop 10 minutes down the road. We were climbing hills at a whopping 40 MPH and just praying we weren’t killing the engine. We made calls and found a place to read the code. Long story short… we were stuck in Bishop, CA needing a new Turbo…45 minutes from our spot in Mammoth Lakes. 

Guys, it’s been a very expensive month, but what are the odds that we were 10 minutes from a place that could read the code and then 30 minutes to the nearest town that had a Ford dealership just 3 minutes from a campground. We know Someone is watching out for us! 

We were stuck in Bishop for 6 nights due to the part not getting to the shop on a Friday. Luckily Jon got his bike off the truck so he could ride to the grocery nearby...and deliver us a pizza. 

Img 6326

It all worked out and the truck is running better than ever.

Now, we can finally get to our spot in Mammoth Lakes! Just a 45 minute drive from Bishop and we'd be alone in nature, enjoying our site! 

We pulled up and...there was someone in 'our' site! How could they? 

Img 3803

Honestly, I was mad, but just 30 more minutes up the road we found this gem and now...I'm not mad anymore. This is beautiful.

Img 3809 Img 6330 Img 3811 Img 3814

I love this spot. We have a cool breeze and we have Mono Lake to the east and the beautiful snowy Sierra's to the west. We are settled here for awhile. We have a FREE water source just 2 minutes up the road, excellent Verizon signal and the lovely small town of Lee Vining just 3 minutes away! We're not going anywhere for awhile :) It's time to recharge and relax. 

]]> Sedona! 2017-06-26T05:00:00+00:00 2017-06-25T17:40:51+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

When we left our friend’s house in Phoenix, we headed straight for Sedona. We had looked at pictures, gotten recommendations and knew it was going to be a great spot, but nothing could have prepared us for the beauty we saw as we pulled into this serene red rock oasis.

We found a great site via Campendium. We knew there would be lots of options for us off the main road so we dropped our trailer and went out to scout for the perfect spot. And boy did we find it! 5 miles of washboard/dirt road that twists its way up to the promised land.

Img 3002

We were tucked away from the hustle of Sedona while getting to enjoy the quiet scenery of the towering red rocks nearby. 

This is it. This is the life. This is when we get really excited about our ever changing backyard. This is when all our hard work really pays off. When we find gems like this. We planned on staying a week but that week quickly turned into two. 

There was just so much to do. So many awesome hikes, trails and places to visit. So much to see here. We knew we could never see everything we wanted so we picked what we thought would be the best hikes for our family and headed out.

Our first hike was Doe Mountain. Listed as ‘easy’ well, I don’t know if I would call it easy. It may be moderate in my (out-of-shape) book. However, it was really a great hike. Lots to keep the kids entertained. So many rocks to climb over, switchbacks to navigate and views to take in when you stop to catch your breath!

Img 5637 Img 5640

We made our way to the top and just had to stop and stare for a few moments. Everywhere you look its just jaw dropping. There aren’t words to describe Sedona. It’s just magical and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. 

We walked around on the top of Doe Mountain to the other side with equally spectacular views. Of course the kids really wanted to get as close to the edge as possible. 

Img 5643

Makes my stomach turn just watching them get so close. It’s Jonathan’s job to watch them when they want to venture out to the edge. My momma heart just can’t take it.

It was a super fun hike and everyone enjoyed Doe Mountain. If you get a chance to go either at sunset or sunrise…even better.

Another hike we loved was Fay Canyon. It was a easy hike and honestly a bit boring until the end. There were no rocks to climb over, it was a mostly clear, flat path all the way in but when you get to the end of the marked trail, that’s when it gets fun. This huge boulder is in front of you at the end of the marked trail and there is a path that you can take all the way up for some amazing views. 

Top Of Fay Cayon

Jonathan and the kid’s ventured out for a long time up there. I stayed down to get some pictures as they climbed up. Fay Canyon is one of their favorites due to not being on a trail at the end and just getting to go explore the giant boulder.  

Img 5687 Img 5682

One place we really wanted to visit was the Airport Vortex. What the heck is a vortex? I had no idea either but it’s believed to be a special spot on earth where energy is either going into or projecting out of the earth’s plane in a spiral moving up or down. All of Sedona is said to be a vortex. You’ll find trees all over that are twisted and oddly shaped but on top of the Airport Vortex you’re supposed to be able to feel the energy even more. 

It was a super easy climb up to the top. The kids said that it wasn’t even a hike because it was literally less than 1/4 mile round trip. It was still beautiful to be up there near sunset.

Img 5741

The golden sun just bounced beauty off the red rocks and onto the land below. And as usual, the kids found their way to the edge and were about to give me heart attack. I try really hard to not tell them ‘no’ when they’re seeking adventures, but man…they’ve taken some years off of my life! Luckily they have a dad who’s willing to get right out there with them. Perhaps one day I’ll be less scared but for now, I’ll take their pictures.

Img 5746

None of us were magically healed by the vortex or even felt a bit different but we loved being up there and taking it all in. It’s a very popular place and busy, but well worth the trip to see it.

There was a day or two I wasn’t feeling well so Jonathan took the kids to the Palatki Ruins. They had a blast. You do have to call ahead and get a reservation for the tour but it’s free and well worth the time. The rangers were very informative about the area and it was a really neat place for the kids to visit. 

Img 5563 Img 5579 Img 5570 Img 5590

The last hike we chose was Devil’s Bridge. Woah! If you do no other hikes, do this one! However, don't take the shortcut unless you have a high clearance 4 wheel drive, and for Pete's sake, take off your drop hitch! (we forgot)

Img 5964 2

It’s quite the workout getting up to the top. You’re scrambling boulders the last 1/4 mile and are practically going straight up. After a few rests and breathers, we made it! 

There were a lot of people up there due to the popularity of this hike. Everyone knows about it and everyone wants to get out on the bridge for a picture! Well, mostly everyone. Again, I stayed back and took video and pictures of Jonathan and the kids. And let me tell you, I really regret not going out there with them. We could have handed our cameras over to anyone there and they would have taken the picture but I was too chicken. If we get the chance to go back, I WILL do Devils Bridge. I will go out on the ledge with my family and get that picture. I WILL face my fears next time I get the chance to get out on the edge with them. 

Img 3606 2

From the pictures you can’t really tell just how high they are on that ledge. It was making my legs shake just watching them get out there. But really, even if you have a fear of heights like me, you have to do it. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Img 5775

It wasn’t just the hikes that we loved though. It was the peacefulness of Sedona. It was so quiet at our little campsite. The weather was so great the first week we were there. It was perfect camping weather so we were able to pull out our new Winterial tents and test them out for the first time! 

Tents Set Up In Sedona

We were so lucky to get these tents. We have been dying to get into backpacking with the kids. They love ‘camping’ so having these smaller tents were a necessity for us to be able to go backpacking in the very near future. We are hoping to get up into Canada this summer for some epic tent camping. We also have a few sites on the west coast that we want tent camp this fall/winter!

They were a breeze to set up. We made a nice fire and enjoyed a quiet evening together outside. We even got stuff to make S’mores. 

It had been so long since we had a proper campfire and even longer since we’ve made S’mores (always with Reeses cups, if you don't make S’mores like this…we can’t be friends). Everyone had a blast and I think the kids loved having their own tent. Though it was a bit cramped in there, I think for now, this one will be okay. We have only used the tents that one night but so far, so good. We love the ease of setting them up. It’s so much easier than our huge Colman 8 person tent we used to have.

Our last few days there we did get to hit up Tuzigoot National Monument and Montezuma Castle National Monument. They were so fun to visit despite the crazy hot temperatures. The kids were able to finish their Junior Ranger booklets and earned their badges at both places. 

The last thing I want to tell you about is our newest project. We are creating a show! We are so excited about the possibilities. We can’t show you the whole first episode yet, but here is a trailer for it.

We are already starting on our second episode and have some great things planned out. Be sure to sign up for our email list so that we can tell you the latest news with the show!

So, just to wrap it up. Sedona needs to be on your bucket list! I’d say plan to stay at least a week, two if you can swing it. There is so much to do and see there, one week may not be long enough.

]]> #NOPAYMAY - SUCCESS 2017-06-01T08:00:00+00:00 2017-06-01T17:08:51+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

We made it! We went the whole month of May (plus some more days) without paying for a campsite! We can count on one hand the number of showers the kids had (yikes), but we made it. We spent almost two weeks in Las Cruces, one night in a Travel Center parking lot, 3 nights in a friend’s driveway, 2 weeks in Sedona and a the rest of our time in Coconino Forest in Flagstaff (which is where we still are currently).

Flagstaff Coconino Forest

So, let me breakdown the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good.

We were able to save the $500 we set aside each month for campground fees! WOOT! Everyone is so excited that we are able to get the kids something that will be very useful for their research/learning and free time. 

It has been a big deal for me to push my comfort zone. I’m used to cleanliness, order, and let’s face it...air conditioning. This has been a test for me. And you know what? I survived. 

We found out that we can make it through 95 degree heat without an air conditioner, but we may end up spending some extra money in icy drinks and gas to go to the local library during the hottest part of the day.

Our solar set up has been awesome! In Sedona and Las Cruces our batteries were up to 100% by noon every day. In Flagstaff, not so much. We may need to move to a new site up here.

Having the Nature's Head composting toilet has been a huge component in us being able to be off grid for long periods of time. It's been a great way to save a crap ton of water! 

Natures Head

The Bad.

Dirt, guys. SO MUCH DIRT! 

Airstream Dirt

The Sedona red dirt has left a permanent mark on our hearts, as well as our bed sheets and rugs. Geeze oh Pete! The screens of our Fantastic Fans are coated in dust and blow a nice layer of red dirt when turned on. I’ve already cleaned them a couple times this month...but you’d never know it. 

I can count on one hand the number of showers the kids had this month and my hair hasn’t been washed since May 4th! However, we recently got the opportunity to try out Epic Wipes and woah! Game changer!

These wipes shouldn't even be called wipes, it's basically a wet towel that smells amazing! They're so big that we cut them into forths so that between the four kids, we can use just one wipe and they still get clean!

Epic Wipes Kids

Jon and I cut one in half to make them last longer, too. I LOVE the smell of the oils used in the wipes, plus they are 100% biodegradable (made with bamboo) so we don't feel bad about throwing them out. I can see these being a big part of our travels.

The Airstream and truck both looked as though there was a red dirt tornado that came through them but is there any point in cleaning it when we’re still on dirt roads? Not really.

The Ugly.

The heat made me loose my cool on more than one occasion. 95 degrees in the trailer?? NOT A FAN. Yes, we made it, but it' wasn't pretty.

I’ve learned how crazy I am about having a clean place to work/live/sleep but I’ve also learned that the red dirt on my bed at night isn’t going to kill me. 

My hair! It's so hot and heavy right now. I’ve never had hair this long and the dreads are at a point where I’m searching how to comb them out and looking at short hair styles because...holy cow! I miss my head feeling the wind and rain.

What did we get the kids?

We were able to save $500 from #nopaymay and we used that along with money that the kids had been saving from birthdays and chores and we were able to purchase 2 iPads for them! We bought each of them Kindles last Christmas and those have been a nightmare. (hey, we have 4 Kindle Fire's for sale!) Different chargers, the OS is lame, and everyone is always frustrated with them. Plus, we're huge Apple nerds and knew that iPads would be a much better fit for us. The two little kids claimed these, so if we can make it through June without paying for camping, then we'll grab 2 more for the older kids. With as much research as Adali has been doing for her tiny farm, having a good device to work on is going to be very important. Plus, all the school work I can have them do on them will be a huge bonus.

Will we do it again?

Heck yes! We’re already planning out our boondocking spots for June. (hello, Grand Canyon!) Our only hang up is the need to be in Phoenix next week for a doctor’s appointment. We may splurge and get a hotel for the night! Or we’ll bring the Airstream and find a cheap place close to the hospital. Who knows? 

Finding all these public lands we can camp on has been life changing to say the least. I never even knew that it was an option when we first started traveling. We just thought we’d be in campgrounds all the time. My, oh things have changed. We love the solitude, the quiet, the peace we find when we score a chunk of land with no one around and a million dollar view. 

So, what about you? Would you go a whole month on the road without paying for camping? Would you park in the middle of nowhere with no one around to save some cash? Is boondocking your style or would you rather be with full-hookups? We’d love to hear what your favorite type of camping is.

]]> Moochdocking with Friends 2017-05-26T05:00:00+00:00 2017-05-30T18:48:53+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

You probably know by now that we’re committed to boondocking the whole month of May - #nopaymay. Well, when the opportunity came up to stay in the driveway of some dear friends, we couldn’t say no!

We left Las Cruses and headed towards Phoenix but we decided to just take 2 days to get there instead of driving 6.5 hours at once. Originally we weren’t even going to be in Arizona but once our plans changed in Santa Fe and we had to head south, we just thought, why not? We’re so close to our friends, let’s stop by Phoenix for a bit!

We overnighted in Benson, AZ to break up the drive and we kept with our #nopaymay commitment. We overnighted at a truck stop and boy were we thankful that we had bought reflectix for our windows when we were in Texas. SO. MANY. LIGHTS. They didn’t bother us once we put that reflectix in the windows. We all slept like babies!

The next morning Jonathan worked and we made our way to Phoenix. It was so nice to see our friends again. Last year we met the Trujillos (via Instagram) when they offered to let Jonathan and the kids stay with them while our RV was in the shop and I was in Knoxville cleaning out our storage unit. It was so nice to be back with our friends. Our kids began playing together like they had never been separated. It’s so nice when you find families that just click with you. 

We squeezed the Airstream into their driveway and they even had an electric outlet that we could run our AC on. A must when in Phoenix (geeze, oh Pete! I don’t think I could ever get used to the heat there)

Driveway Moochdocking

They even let us get some supplies shipped there before we arrived and told us to bring our dirty laundry to do at their place! I mean, who does that? Then there was the “here’s the bathroom, take as many showers/baths as you want” comment that had us all like (heart eyes).

Michelle and Juan made our first ever moochdocking experience a breeze. It was so nice for the kids to be able to play together, use their pool, attend their son’s birthday party. We got to show them our home and we got to see their 1964 GM Bus they’re renovating. We cannot wait for the day we get to go camping together!

Tru Friends Fun

Trujillo’s thank you so much for a great weekend! Your friendship means a lot to us! We’ll see you on down the road!

]]> Las Cruces, #NOPAYMAY, 2nd Nomadiversary 2017-05-24T05:00:00+00:00 2017-05-30T18:48:37+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

This wasn’t our plan. We were supposed to leave Santa Fe and head up into Utah but the weather wasn’t cooperating with us so we changed our plans last minute and found a great little boondocking spot in Las Cruces at the base of the Organ Mountains.

This is where my desire for a drone increased ten fold. I am so anxious to be able to truly capture just how amazing these places are that we are visiting. The Organ mountains were just screaming at us... “I can’t believe you don’t have a way to capture our beauty!” I know, I know...I’m trying!

Airstream In Las Cruces

When we were on our way to Las Cruces, the idea popped into my mind to just try to go the whole month of May without paying for a campsite. Why not? We have all the gear to be able to run what we need to (hello, solar!). We have two 5 gallon jugs that we can haul water to the rig. We can do this! We got this! #NOPAYMAY (you may have read about it here).

Every night we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Airstream Sunset In Las Cruces

And often, the sight of grazing cows out our window. 

Cows Out The Window

One morning they woke me up by chomping on our tow chains! I scared that cow to death when I sat up in bed! They mooved on quickly. (see what I did there :)

Most of our time was spent catching up on things and enjoying the cooler weather. We hiked at the near by Dripping Springs Natural Area which was really pretty. The hike up to the cave was breath taking (except for the many, many bugs flying around our faces)

Sunset Hike To Cave Hiking To Cave Sunsetting At Cave

We were treated to this view from the top!

View From Top Near Cave

We went on a longer hike that landed us at an old sanatorium and exploring old house and hotel ruins.

Old House Ruins

Just down the road we found another hike (New Mexicans are fit, y’all) that supposedly would lead us to a waterfall. Sweet, it was a hot day and playing in a waterfall sounded perfect!

Hike To Waterfall

Guys...we got to the ‘waterfall’ was literally a drip running down that dang rock. I mean, really? We need a waterfall to play in. It wasn’t even enough to get our hands saturated. It wasn't even worth getting a picture because you wouldn't be able to tell it was there!

It was a good hike though. Such a beautiful area and it was interesting enough (towards the middle of the hike) to really hold the kids attention and not bore them to death.

Waterfal Hike Sunset

Our kids hate easy hikes where you’re just walking on a flat surface and I agree, that’s boring. We need rocks to climb over and slot canyons and a certain level fear to keep our interest in the hike. This one passed with flying colors!

We arrived in Las Cruces just a couple days before May and on May 2nd we celebrated 2 years of being nomads! 

It has been the hardest and most rewarding 2 years of my life.  We have laughed and cried and screamed and been overwhelmed with so much love and joy. Living in a tiny house on wheels isn’t for everyone but it’s for us and we love it. It is really amazing how little we really need. 

Living with less has been such an eye opening experience. It actually makes me sick to think about much money we wasted when we lived in our huge house. Not only on the house but everything we bought to fill it up. All the ‘things’ that we ‘needed’ was just so unnecessary. Now, let me tell you. I do miss having a place to decorate (and the garden, I really miss my garden). It’s really hard for me not being able to paint rooms again or move around furniture. We had a really, really great house. We just realize now how much of our lives were wasted keeping up with it. 

On our Nomadiversary, we took the day off from work and asked the kids what they would like to do to celebrate our 2 year Nomadiversary and they all were for going back to White Sands National MonumentNo complaints here! 

Kids At White Sands 2Nd Time White Sands Walking Up Dune White Sands Leaving

We love that place. It’s so special. I could stand in that sand all day! The deeper your feet go in the softer and cooler the gypsum sand is. It’s just so fun to play in. 

Ada On Dune At White Sands

We spent a full 2 weeks in this sweet boondocking spot and we enjoyed being only 15 minutes from town but far enough away that it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. The only slightest bit of complaining I have that our ‘neighbor’ up the way liked to run his generator...a lot! But honestly, he was far enough away that it wasn’t a huge deal. If he had been closer, we would have left. The joys of having a home on wheels!

Oh! I nearly forgot! A whole bunch of our time here in Las Cruces was spent working on a new project! I can’t wait to be able to show you but for’s a hint!

Jax In Video With Jon Recording

Guys, this life we live is not perfect. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I just want you to know that we have bad days just like everyone else. Heck, did you know we’ve been driving around without trailer breaks for much longer than I care to admit? (We still haven’t found the problem.) Anyway, we just share our travels as a way to remember the places we have been and to hopefully help someone else who wants to explore the area. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read about our family’s adventures. 


Locations in this post


Sierra Vista Campground

Dripping Springs Rd
Las Cruces, NM 88011 USA


Dripping Springs Natural Area

15000 Dripping Springs Rd
Las Cruces, NM 88011 USA


Bar Canyon Loop Trail

Soledad Canyon Day Use Area
Soledad Canyon Rd
Las Cruces, NM 88011 USA


White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico USA

]]> Hello Santa Fe! 2017-05-22T06:00:00+00:00 2017-05-22T17:40:00+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

Spoiler alert! We were fully or partially compensated for this product/experience so that we could review it for you. Rest assured we don't sugar coat or give favorable reviews just because we didn't have to pay for it. Now you know. Thanks!

After our perfect boondocking site in Roswell, we headed out for Santa Fe in search of cooler temperatures. We found an Alpaca Farm through Harvest Hosts that turned out to be a really great spot for a couple nights. 

We got to meet Bob, the owner of the farm, and he told us about his alpacas and horses. He even had two miniature mules named Romeo and Juliet. They were adorable. Adali was able to get some answers to her questions about alpacas and see what it takes to raise them. This farm even offers mentoring for those interested in starting their own herd. You can go there to learn all you need to know about how to care for your own alpacas. We are keeping this place in mind. When the time comes for Adali to spread her wings, she may just land at an alpaca farm. Who knows?

Alpacas On The Farm

While staying at the farm, we saw we were really close to Pecos National Monument so we took advantage of that on a Sunday morning. 

Kids At Pecos Working On Jr Books

Such a neat small area. The kids were able to complete their Junior Ranger booklets while we were there and earn another badge. 

Pecos Shot

They learned a lot and we just enjoyed being together and exploring new places again. We especially loved being able to climb down into this kiva.

Inside Kiva At Pecos

After the farm, we made reservations at a campground just west of Santa Fe called Cochiti Lake COE. It’s right on the lake. We paid for 5 nights with water and electric hookups and while the site itself was nice, when we saw the primitive campsites down on the water went straight to the office to see if we could move down to a site without hookups! 

Cochiti Lake Airstream

Of course they were happy to change our site for us and we were much happier down by the water away from the crowds.

This campgound is only 5 minutes away from Tent Rocks National Monument which is why we chose to camp here. We couldn’t wait to hike the trails, and they did not disappoint. 

Jax And Ada In Tent Rock

We loved the slot canyon trail! You twist your way through the slots and up to an observation point to overlook the tent rocks. It’s incredible. We have never seen anything like it. 

Tent Rocks

On our way back down we were just talking and enjoying our time when we ran into someone we knew! (what are the odds) Our friends from Belgium that we had met while we were at Big Daddy’s Grill in Fairhope, AL were on their way up the trial. We stopped and talked for a bit and asked them where they planned to camp for the night. They didn’t have any plans so we invited them to camp by us at Cochiti Lake. It was so nice to have neighbors we knew for a couple nights.

Cochilit Lake With Yellow Bus

We had one incident while at the campground. Evidently there was a ‘fight’ about 4 sites up from us. We didn’t hear anything but around 1:00 am we noticed really bright lights at our friend’s site. We looked out the window and saw a police officer looking around their site. Then we heard the officer knock on their van door. What could possibly be going on?

Well turns out the people on the other side of us called the cops due to a fight that broke out 2 sites UP from their site but the officers went two sites DOWN from their site. It was another 30-40 minutes of bright lights as another officer came with his spot light to address the problem. 

In the 2 years of camping, we have never seen an issue like that. Evidently one of the guys in the fight had to go to the hospital that night. Luckily, they were gone the next morning and we had no other issues. 

While visiting Santa Fe, we were able to visit several of their art museums. I had no idea that it was such an artistic town. 

Jett Art Museum Kids At Art Museum

There are sculptures everywhere and so many museums. Jax loved this section of the history museum. He had never seen a phone like this before!

History Museum Jax

We also visited their Botanical Gardens.

Kids On Bridge At Botanical Gardens

It's relatively new so there wasn't much to look at but we enjoyed walking around and looking at all the native plants. 

When we told some friends we were headed to Santa Fe we had several people tell us, "MAKE SURE YOU GO TO MEOW WOLF!" With that many people telling us about it we made sure to check it out. WOAH! If you haven't been, you must go! 

Meow Wolf is an arts production company that creates immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling. Our work is a combination of jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum, and immersive art exhibit. This unique fusion of art and entertainment gives audiences fictional worlds to explore.

It was incredible. 

Meow Wolf Colorful Trees

The amount of work that went into this museum is crazy. There is no way to show you how awesome it is. And it really hard to explain. But, if you in the area, you MUST go!

Red Kids At Meow Wolf Meow Wolf Green

There is an underlying story that you have to basically be a detective and go through this house and all that's in it to find out about this family and what happened but then it opens up into all these secret rooms and it's just nuts. So very interesting. It's hands on, and you get 4 hours to spend inside trying to find out what's going on. It's hands down the best museum/entertainment place we have ever been to. Well worth the price to get in.

When we chose Cochiti Lake Campground it was because of how close Tent Rocks was to us but looking at the map, it appeared that Bandelier National Monument was also close by. Turns out you can’t take a direct route there which would have only been 30 minutes, but instead you have to drive almost in a complete circle to get there. I wish I would have looked that up before. But, it is what it is. We didn’t want to miss Bandelier so we drove the 1.5 hours to get there one afternoon. I am so glad we did, too. 

Girls In The Creek Crossing Creek At Bandalier Small Ladder At Bandalier

We got there just 2 hours before they closed which was just enough time to hike their best trail but it also involved 3 big ladders to get up to the Alcove House. Umm, I’m terrified of heights so I just planned on waiting down below while Jonathan took the kids up. 

When walking through, it was so neat to see how these homes were built into the cliffs. I can’t imagine how much work that would have been. There was a section of the trail that was just these huge rocks and several little homes built into the cliffs. I just couldn’t stop imagining all these families with little ones running around the rocks. It must have been the ultimate playground and the perfect spot for kids to grow up. I mean, how cool would it be to live in a cave in the side of a cliff?

Bandalier Caves

We made our way to the ladders that lead up to the Alcove House. I told them, “I’ll wait for you down here.” 

Kids Going Up Ladder At Bandelier

Just looking at where they were going gave me all the anxiety and I couldn’t look. But standing down there and hearing them be so excited to go up the ladders, I just got an uneasy feeling. We are always telling our kids that they can do hard things. We are constantly telling them to push themselves a little harder because we believe in them and we know the can do it. So, why am I not doing the same thing?

If I want our kids to be brave and do hard things, then I need to as well. 

So, I started up that first ladder. “Just don’t look down” I kept telling myself. It was all I could do to stop shaking. But I made it up that first ladder and caught up to Jonathan and the kids. Together we made it up the other ladders and into the Alcove House. 

Alcove House Kids In The Alcove House

Looking out, I couldn’t believe that I did it. I remained relatively calm and we ate a little snack that we had packed and tried to imagine what it would have been like to call this place home. 

Then we had to go down...ugh.

Going Down Ladder At Bandelier

Even half way down Jett was saying his legs were so shaky. He said, “not from it being hard to do, just because I was scared.” Me too, buddy, me too. We all made it down and Jett said, “I’ll never do that again!” but I don’t believe it. He loves that kind of stuff and now he knows he can do hard things...and so can I.

It seemed to be getting colder every day were were in Santa Fe, and the morning we were to leave, it started snowing! What? NO! We packed up quickly and changed our plans and headed south instead of north to Utah. We found a site in Las Cruces and the forecast warm and sunny! Let’s go!

Locations in this post


Blue Mesa Alpacas

10 Blue Mesa Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87508 USA


Pecos National Monument

Pecos National Historical Park
Pecos, NM 87552 USA


Cochiti Lake COE

82 Dam Crest Rd
Peña Blanca, NM 87041 USA


Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Veteran Memorial Overlook
Jemez Springs, NM 87025 USA


Palace of the Governors

105 W Palace Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA


Santa Fe Modern Art Museum

108 Cathedral Pl
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA


Santa Fe History Museum

113 Lincoln Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA


Santa Fe Botanical Garden

715 Camino Lejo
Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA


Meow Wolf

1352 Rufina Cir
Santa Fe, NM 87507 USA


Bandelier National Monument

15 Entrance Rd
Los Alamos, NM 87544 USA

]]> Dreaming with the kids in Roswell 2017-05-09T08:30:00+00:00 2017-05-09T18:06:03+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

When we left Texas we came across some giant legs! 

Legs And Airstream

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture. 

Everyone Between The Legs

Texas is weird in a really good way, but we were ready to explore more of New Mexico. We went through the southern part last year on our way to Oregon for the summer, but we didn’t have time to really explore it like we wanted to. We decided to head towards Roswell after escaping the storms in the Texas panhandle

I searched some blogs and found a place that I thought may be a good fit for us! Haystack Mountain OHV Area was just outside of Roswell, on the edge of a canyon rim, with a covered picnic table, a fire pit (which we couldn’t use due to a fire ban), and even a charcoal grill.

Once I read that it had a covered picnic area I was sold. That means that we won’t have to set up our dinning table every single day and we would get to enjoy our meals outside. We could even hang hammocks to enjoy the shade. If you’ve ever been near Roswell in the spring/summer, you know shade is everything!

When we pulled up to the location, we were so excited. 

Roswell Empty Airstream

There was no one around and the views were gorgeous. There were even vault toilets which can really help in boondocking situations. We couldn’t have picked a better spot. This was our first place to stay off grid for more than a couple days. We ended up staying 4 nights so we could really see what our solar panels could do and how long we could go on a limited supply of water.

It was such a great experience. We learned we really need to work on our water conservation methods. We would have stayed longer if the weather wasn’t so hot. Even in the shade it became a bit uncomfortable for our liking. It was so hot we bought spray bottles so the kids could cool down with water during the day. We would spray our hammocks and lay in the shade and try not to move. You may think that sounds miserable but it was actually just what we wanted.

Our days consisted of hand washing clothes.

Kids Washing Socks

The kids loved washing their own socks. Adali and Jett helped with the other clothes. Hanging our laundry out to dry and saving money on laundromat trips was awesome. Plus, it gave us more shade when we'd relax in our hammocks.

Laundry And Jon And Kids Jax Chiling In Hammock Ada In Hammock

I'm not sure if it was the air or just New Mexico in general but I've never slept so good as I did when we were there in Roswell. I think it's because we were able to hang our blankets and sheets outside every day and there's nothing like falling asleep on fresh smelling sheets and the open windows blowing fresh air in all night. Plus, I think New Mexico has some kind of magic calming abilities. We've felt so at peace here. 

Me In Blanket In Hammock

At night we would grill out on the tailgate with our Davy Crockett Green Mountain pellet grill.

Grilling On Tailgate

It's so nice to cook outside so we don't have to heat up the Airstream with the oven or stovetop. 

We took one day to make it into Roswell to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center

Outside Aliens With Kids

It was definitely interesting to see all the research. The kids weren't super into it, which is weird because all kids like aliens, right? I think it was just too much to read and not easy to follow visually. Although now, they really want to watch ET. If you're in the area, I'd say go because it's not that expensive. Just don't have high expectations.

The biggest bummer was that the real crash site isn't even in Roswell! It's like 1.5 hours away and supposedly you have to hire a tour guide to take you there. We were really hoping to explore and find it ourselves. Oh well. Now we know.

Inside Aliens With Kids

The best part about going into Downtown Roswell was our lunch spot we found! If you visit, please make it to Big D's Downtown Dive! And you MUST order the garlic fries! Like, woah!

Back at camp, we watched the sunset every night from the picnic table, often laying in our hammocks. We would look at the stars which were SO BRIGHT every night. Not having the glow of the city lights was incredible. You never realize how much light pollution there is until you make it out to a place like this. Complete darkness. Solitude. Quietness. 

Airstream Sunset Roswell Sunet Hammcoks Sunet In Hammocks

It's been so awesome watching the kids grow up so fast while we've been on the road. It's a new found independence and I can see they are much happier with their freedom. It just gives them more time to explore what they are interested in. Adali perfected her egg-in-a-basket breakfast while we were in Roswell. She's becoming more interested in cooking these days.

Adali Making Breakfast

I will always remember this place. Not only because of the great location and views, but because it’s where we got our groove back. The renovation took a toll on our relationships so it was so nice to be together with no distractions. Just us.

During the days, the kids and I would read and talk about their dreams. Telling me about their plan to live on the same property together. They told me of the houses they want to build and the pond that will be in their middle of their homes. In their minds, it’s all planned out.

The girls talked about all the animals they will have on their little farm and how they'll make goat soap from the milk. The boys told me about their plan for Jax to fish all day in the pond so that Jett could run their restaurant on the farm. He even came up with a name for his restaurant. It shall be called, Short Jett Bronze (kind of opposite of Long John Silvers).  

I love that they are best friends and that they like each other enough to want to live together on the same land, working together to create their own lives. I love that with the freedom they have, Adali is always busy reading and researching about the animals. She wants to be prepared for when the time comes to get her own place. Is that normal for an 11 year old? 

Whether or not this happens, I think the most important thing I can do is help them learn about what it takes to make their dreams come true. To really get involved and let them know that it’s possible. We talk about how much things would cost to get a farm started. We talk about barns, fences and different feed options. We research how to build their own houses and all the different options they have. Jax can’t decide if he wants a treehouse or if he wants to live on a dock over their pond. I told him he should have both!

When was the last time you really dreamed with your kids? 

Hammocks And Laundry Hanging

This is why the little spot in Roswell is so special to me. We talked for hours about their plans, and my plans, and what we would do if we had property. We allowed ourselves to dream big. But we also allowed ourselves to believe that all of it is possible. 

The good news is, you don’t have to be in the middle of nowhere to be able to dream with your kids. I would encourage you to really talk with them and ask them about what they want out of life. They may surprise with all the information they know. I couldn’t believe all the facts Adali told me. I had to look up some of it just to make sure she was right, and she was!

Kids are so awesome when we let them be themselves. When we don’t push our ideas on them, and when they’re allowed to truly dream and think for themselves. 

We all agreed that it was getting too hot here, so we packed up and headed north. We headed north to an Alpaca farm! (keeping the dream alive)

Locations in this post


Haystack Mountain OHV Area

Clovis Highway
Roswell NM 88201


Big D's Downtown Dive

505 N Main St
Roswell, NM 88201

]]> Brake Issues, A Winery and Palo Duro Canyon State Park 2017-05-04T08:00:00+00:00 2017-05-03T23:14:26+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

After leaving Caprock Canyon State Park, we started having a brake issue with our trailer. We kept getting a TRAILER FAULT warning on our dash (our F350 came with a factory brake controller). Jonathan could tell that the when he would push on the brake while towing, if that warning came up on the dash, our brakes were not engaging on the trailer. NOT GOOD!

We called around but being a Friday afternoon we couldn’t find a place that was able to look at it until Monday morning. Okay, so we needed to stay near Amarillo for the weekend in order to be close by the shop when they opened. 

We overnighted at a Walmart parking lot. We saw a storm brewing in the distance and didn’t want to drive any further than we had to with our faulty brakes. 

With nothing else to do, I decided to head out and get our laundry done for the week. When finishing up, I glanced outside and noticed a familiar glow. When I walked outside and looked up, I couldn’t believe what I saw. 

I have NEVER seen clouds like that but the color of the sky mimicked that of a sky I remembered in Indiana right before tornados swept through my hometown. I remember watching one in the distance from our front porch. The sky was a odd golden color and the tree tops seemed to have a different tone to them. I remember the smell in the air and all those memories came flooding back when I walked out the door of the laundromat. 


I called Jonathan and he too was outside taking pictures of the clouds! It was the coolest experience. I just wanted to stay there watching them blow by. But my momma instincts said to get home to my family. 

The Wal-Mart security guard stopped by to warn us of the storm headed our way. With hail in the forecast and based on the lightning we were seeing, we were slightly worried about the winds and possible tornadoes.

Last minute, the winds shifted and we didn’t even get a drop of rain. We watched lightning around us in the distance, but we slept like babies that night!

Saturday morning came and we were eager to get out of Wal-Mart. We called Monty from a Harvest Host winery and asked if he had a spot we could stay for a couple of nights. He said he sure did! It was only a 20 minute drive which we were thankful for as we were driving with faulty brakes.

We set up and walked around the property before they opened to see what was around. They have a great set up on a hill outside of Amarillo. Beautiful location with the most amazing sunsets over the back patio. 


Monty was a great host. He told us some of the history from the area and about a guy who cloned racehorses that lives nearby! Crazy stuff! We love being able to talk to people who really know about the area. It’s the best way to find out all the great spots that only the locals know about!

I couldn’t tell you if the wine we bought is any good because we don’t drink - however, I do have a bottle of 8 year old wine waiting for the next awesome people we meet along our way. Hope we picked a good one! Judging by the crowds at his winery, I’d say it must be pretty good!

Saturday was grocery/meal prep day. We realized that the next day was actually Easter Sunday so I found out that there would be a sunrise service Sunday morning in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. We’ve never been to a sunrise service so I thought what a great place to go to our first one! 

We woke up a little after 5:30 AM so we could get to the park around 6 or 6:30. I think I can count on both hands the number of times we’ve ever woke the kids up to go somewhere. They’re not huge fans. But they were troopers and we made it in time to get a seat. I thought it would be a bit more crowded but I’m glad it wasn’t. We knew we were in the bottom of the canyon but all we could see is this setting.

Dark Sunrise Service

But as soon as the sun peeked over the canyon rim, everything was slightly magical.

Sunrise Service

It was a much different service than what we are used to. We come from a large Pentecostal church that has an amazing band. The stage was so awesome. I just kept imagining how awesome it would have been with the band from Park West Church!

Just imagine the music building and just as the sun comes over the canyon everyone is singing loudly about our risen Lord. I built it up in my head too much, I guess. 

We decided to stay in the park for the morning and hike as much as we could. We packed our lunch and lots of water and started with an easy trail. Beautiful doesn’t do it justice. The rushing stream, the singing birds, the humming bees. It was magical. And every hike after was better than the last.

Paloduro Hike Flower Path Kids In The Red Rocks On Hike Ada Semba Kids In Cave

As we made it back to camp, we were treated to a great sunset Sunday night which soon after turned into a bit of a scare. As I was washing dishes, Monty came and knocked on our window and said...”You need to come look at this!” He explained what the clouds were doing and showed us his radar. He let us know that the storm that was just about 30 minutes from us was producing golfball sized hail and producing tons of lightning. He was a bit worried which made us a bit worried. 

We had just bought some Refletix the day before to be able to block out sun from our windows so we took that and taped it to the outside of our windows in preparation for hail damage and prayed that the storm would turn. And you know what? A wind came and blew that storm away from us! You don’t have to tell me who is responsible for that. We have seen God’s hand in every step of our journey over the last 2 years. But seriously, it’s time to get out of the Texas panhandle.

We said our goodbyes and left for our appointment Monday morning. A quick diagnostic suggested what we thought all along - the factory brake controller was acting up. They installed a third party controller and so far, so good. Really hoping that’s all it was.

We realized that in all the weather drama we had neglected to figure out where to go from here. We thought about just heading west to Albuquerque but decided to take the Roswell exit instead! I love the flexibility of being able to just go wherever the wind takes us. 

A quick search on our favorite boondock locating site, Campendium, and we found what turned out to be the most magical location to date. Just wait until you see where we ended up! 

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Bar Z Winery

19290 Farm to market 1541
Canyon, TX 79015 USA


Palo Duro Canyon State Park

11450 State Hwy Park Rd 5
Canyon, TX 79015 USA

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If you travel in an RV for any amount of time, Harvest Hosts is a membership you should really look into. Often, we find ourselves needing a place to stay for just one or two nights in between drive days so Harvest Hosts is a great place to look for a quick stop.

What is Harvest Hosts? It's a membership that allows you access to host's wineries, farms and attractions. For just $44 per year, you can access Harvest Host's all over the country. Though remember, call or email them to make sure they have a spot available and it is polite to purchase something from the host.

Alpacas And Kids

We have stayed at several over the last 2 years and couldn't be happier with the membership. My only concern was that since we don't drink, what do we do when we need a place to stay and the only option is a winery? Well, what we end up doing is buying a bottle of wine and just giving it away to people we meet on the road. We make friends with the hosts, buy their product, and our friends on down the road get a special treat!

Blue Mesa

Just in the last few weeks we have stayed at 2 different Harvest Hosts locations.  Both of the hosts were so friendly and helpful and they even let us even stay an extra night! 

We have met such great people on the road. This is just a unique way to have a free place to stay, meet new people and learn about what they do.

Airstream Hanger

We sometimes joke around that Harvest Hosts stays are more expensive than a campground (wine is expensive, guys) but the location and the people are what makes this such a great opportunity. 

If you travel often and think this may be a good fit for you, just go to Harvest Hosts site to sign up for a membership! By mentioning us, BareNeckers, you will get one extra month on your membership and so will we! We hope you love it as much as we do! Happy camping!

Spoiler alert! There are affiliate links above. We may get compensated if you follow it and buy the product we've written about. Of course, we only recommend things we genuinely love. Thanks!

]]> NO PAY MAY! 2017-04-30T06:00:00+00:00 2017-04-30T14:36:29+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

Guys! It's almost May and we have been thinking about some crazy stuff. 

Before the Airstream, we were setting aside a ridiculous amount of money for campgrounds each month. That beast of a 5th wheel meant we needed full hookups and plenty of room to maneuver everywhere we went. With the Airstream's off the grid capabilities (solar, composting toilet, truck tires, lift, etc...) we nearly halved that amount, but we decided to take it a step further. 

What if we went all of May without paying for any campgrounds? 

We could save that money for something else that we would like to do or get. (a drone, Hawaii trip, iPads, Apple Watch, hiking shoes, MexiCoke stash?? Oh, the possibilities!)

With 500 watts of solar, 400 amp hours of batteries and our Nature's Head Composting toilet, we are fully set up for long term boondocking. Why are we paying for overly crowded parks? Our favorite sites have been those away from the city and in our own little bit of paradise so...let's try this!

The whole month of May we will not pay for camping! We already know what we will do with the extra money we will save, but we can tell you about that later. (it's something for the kids)

We are all super excited about this challenge. It will push us to step out of our comfort zones. It will force us to be a bit more conservative with our water. It will teach us how to create less trash. It will force us to spend more time outside and less time on devices. It will encourage more adventure. It will cause more family time outside and we will have to get creative with our resources. 

We've got nothing to loose! If you choose to do this challenge with us, tag your Instagram boondocking photos with the hashtag #nopaymay so we can see your slice of heaven!

Good luck friends!

]]> Caprock Canyon State Park 2017-04-29T09:00:00+00:00 2017-04-29T14:21:21+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

After meeting with William and his family in Forth Worth, we were so excited to head towards open land and red rocks. We had heard good things about Caprock Canyon State Park so we pointed Leatherhead (our trusty F350 that is of course named after a TMNT character) northwest and took off. 

Let me try to do this place justice. Standing next to our site, I was able to hear prairie dogs making their adorable noises anytime someone walked by their home, which happened to be just behind our site. Then a rabbit hopped by as I walked to the trailer trying to avoid fresh bison patties ON OUR SITE! 

Each site had a covered picnic area that we didn't use often because the flies were kind of bad which is to be expected when there are fresh bison patties everywhere. 

Caprock Campsite

We went on a short little hike at sunset and came across a few bison which was a bit alarming. We stopped and waited until they moved on in the opposite direction and continued our hike. 

Sunset Hike Lake At Caprock

The sunset, the bison, the red was just what we needed! A beautiful place to rest and recoup and make a general plan for the next few weeks all while enjoying this beautiful place. 

We tried a bike trail one day, but it was pretty overgrown with thorn bushes and the kids couldn’t handle it. I don’t blame them. It wasn’t fun getting all scratched up. Plus not all of us have bikes made for day we hope to all have good trail bikes. Until then, I guess we’ll stay on paved trails.

With all the great walking trails, there was no way to do them all. We did make it on several hikes, though. It was a drastic difference in temperature in the canyon so make sure to pack plenty of water...and snacks to keep the kids going!

Caprock Trail

We found out that there was a bike trail that lead to an old railroad tunnel that is now home to thousands of bats. Of course we had to check that out! But from the place where you can park, it’s a 4.5 mile ride to the tunnel. Could the kids make it? I had some doubts seeing that little Ada had to peddle three times to our one. Poor kid. We decided to try it and see how it goes. We stopped frequently and made sure to rest when the little kids needed to. We made it about half way before the crying started. I offered Ada two options. We can turn around and I’ll wait at the truck with her while everyone else went, or, we rest and take our time and I stay with her the whole time. She wanted to keep going! That’s my girl!

On The Bike Trail

I was so proud of her. We would go about half a mile at a time and she would need to rest and drink but we all made it up to the tunnel!

Tunnel Batcave

After reading about there being a good 10” of guano in the tunnel I packed some trash bags to put on our shoes once we got there. I know, call me crazy, but I don’t really want bat poop on our shoes and ultimately in our house. No, thank you!

Trashbag Feet In The Bat Cave

We looked ridiculous AND we forgot a flash light. So, we couldn't really see them but we could hear them! As great as it was to hear the bats, my favorite part was that the kids pushed through as the winds were pushing against us on the slight uphill trail to get there. We had a blast coming back down, though. It was just enough of a hill to not have to peddle most of the time so the kids flew back down to the parking lot and celebrated with a water fight.

9 MILES! So proud of the kids!

After almost a week at Caprcok Canyon, it finally happened!! I had been waiting and waiting to catch a bison walking through our campsite. Jon happened to be the only one outside, busy filling up a container of water from our outdoor shower area, and had no idea that this big guy was right behind him! Jett happened to look out the door (which was open) and yelled, BISON! Jon turned around and about peed himself!  

Bison Out The Door

He turned the water off and ran in the door so fast. I had to get the picture before he wandered off, but I also thought it would be best to shut the door as quickly as possible. 

Shew! What a cool thing to be able to watch him walk by our home.

Oh, there was this one night, Jonathan and I stayed up late finishing up the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why (so good...and disturbingly real), and when I got up to get a drink in the kitchen I looked out the window to see a SKUNK sniffing around our bikes! I freaked out! I have this crazy fear about being sprayed by a skunk. It stems from a camping trip when I was little and had to go to the bathroom with my mom but there was a skunk in front of the bathroom door so we couldn’t go in. It scarred me for life!

We had a blast at Caprock Canyon State Park and I think it should be on your list if looking for great Texas State Parks.

We were really looking forward to more boondocking, being around less people, and more family time exploring. It's time to get further west where there are endless possibilities to do just that.

Locations in this post


Caprock Canyons State Park

850 Caprock Canyon Park Road
Quitaque, TX 79255 USA


Clarity Tunnel

Fort Worth and Denver Rlwy
Quitaque, TX 79255 USA

]]> Back To Where It All Started, Forth Worth 2017-04-27T13:00:00+00:00 2017-04-27T16:54:51+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

Eager to get out of Louisiana, we knew we wanted to head towards Forth Worth, Texas. Why? Well, you may remember last August when we picked up a tiny shiny home from a sweet man named William. 

Well, I contacted him to see if we could come by for the weekend to show him the changes we made to his old trailer. It was a bit of a gamble. I wasn’t sure if he’d be happy about our renovation. Or, what if it would be too hard for him to see all the changes?

He said he would love to meet us and come see it. I hope he likes our changes and that he will know how much we love it and how great of a fit it is for our little family.

Forth Worth was quite the haul from Louisiana so we opted for a quick overnight stay at Huntsville State Park. What an adorable park. We sure do love state parks but Texas really gets you with their DAILY entrance fees for campers. SO EXPENSIVE. We forgot that when we booked our site.

However, if you do get into Huntsville State Park, we ended up with a great site that I wanted to share with you. Raven Hill Camping Area, site #10! Its a gem. 

Huntsville Sp

Huge back yard for the kids to play, picnic table, fire pit. Trees for hammocks. It was great. It also helped that our neighbors were sweet had a bunch of kids that were eager to play. I love coming across families traveling full time. It’s so neat to hear their WHY. Each of us has our own reasons we ditched suburbia and it’s so neat to learn from each other.

The next morning we loaded up and headed towards Fort Worth. With it being spring break, not many of our top choices to camp were available so we ended up at a KOA for a couple nights. The only good part about that was meeting this guy.

Russ the Big Guy and his 1957 Caravanner.

Russ And Airstreams

He was finishing up a 2 month trip and headed back home to New York. He is an artist and offered to draw us as cartoons. 

Russ Drawing Us

The kids loved it and it was so nice getting to meet him an take a look at his rig. He even weathered out a tornado IN HIS AIRSTREAM. It actually picked it up and moved it. Crazy. It was great to meet you Russ, and thank you for the drawing!

The day had finally come! We have been looking forward to showing William the Airstream for quite some time. He also brought his family, most of which were there when we bought the Airstream last year. It was nice seeing how much they loved what we had done. How it basically remained the same layout, just updated and a perfect fit for our little family. We listened to him talk about his favorite places he and his wife had been, and how much this trailer meant to him. It was a really great day. 

William And Us

One question we had been dying to ask is where he bought the decorative screen door piece. We had been researching online trying to find out if it was original to the 1972 Sovereign or not. Turns out, his wife had been after him to put something on it so he took a screen door from his house and cut it to fit the space. It’s a unique piece, and it’s not going anywhere!

It was so nice to catch up with William and his family and know that we have his blessing on this journey. Now, time to go adventuring!

]]> The Roadtrip with the Renovated Airstream Begins: Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama 2017-04-21T05:00:00+00:00 2017-04-25T21:28:31+00:00 Ashley Longnecker

I guess it’s time to update on where we have been the last month on the road! We’ve been so busy playing catch up from the renovation that I haven’t taken the time to record where we have been. Although its mostly for our benefit, so that we can remember our travels, I know some one out there may find the information helpful as well.

When we left Indiana we drove 3 hours and overnighted at Kentucky Horse Park Campground

Ky Horse Park

It was a nice place but we didn’t really get to explore it. We were in a hurry to get to Knoxville to spend time with Jonathan’s family before we took off on our journey.

When we got to Knoxville, we had hoped to moochdock (staying with friends or family on their property) with a friend but we didn’t want to overstay our welcome so we opted for a week at VolPark Family Campground. It’s nothing fancy and a bunch of run down RVs that live there permanently but their weekly rate is reasonable and it was a convenient location to our Knoxville family. We have stayed there before but it’s not a place that we will likely stay again. 

At any rate, it provided a good base to do some more purging, selling and organizing as we tried to figure out exactly how we were going to live in our new Airstream.

Of course we enjoyed our time with Jonathan’s family. We only stayed a week as we were so anxious to get back to our normal life. Traveling, seeing new places and just being together as a family. The renovation took a toll on our family dynamic and it’s time to get back to the way things were. 

We left Knoxville and headed south to Birmingham, AL. A really sweet lady named Katie invited us to stay at her in-law’s pottery studio. Sweet! We pulled up and were greeted with smiling, friendly faces of this sweet family. They also have 4 children that our kids instantly started playing with. We toured the pottery studio which is really impressive. They do a lot of pottery for local restaurants and their work is top notch. 

Katies Family Pottery At Studio

The kids got a chance to throw pottery on the wheel. Earthborn Pottery offers classes and if we were in the area for any length of time, we would totally sign up. The kids had so much fun. Jax and Ada especially loved it. Jax has already asked if we can get a wheel in the Airstream. Sorry, buddy. Not going to fit. 

Kids At Pottery Wheel

It was really great to meet Katie and Nathan and their kids. Thank you so much for the tour and parking spot! Hope to see you all again sometime! (ignore the dog... so inappropriate. HA!)

Us With Katies Family

Time to head south!

We overnighted at Meaher State Park. We always love this state park but the ants can be a problem. They even suggest that you spray when you pull in. We didn't and made it out without an infestation, thank you Jesus! 

Maeher Sp 2017

Have you heard of Boondocks Welcome? We signed up and we love this membership! There are several businesses, as well people with property, that will allow you to park for the evening or a couple days. Some even have hookups. We contacted Jason from Big Daddy’s Grill in Fairhope, Alabama and he had a place at his restaurant we could park for a couple days. This was our first few days of boondocking and seeing how it our solar panels would work out. We tilted them and had no issue charging our batteries.

First Boondocking Big Daddys Grill Solar Panels Tilted Big Daddys Grill

Fairhope is such a cute little town. They have a great walkable downtown with a really cool park not too far away as well as a pier which is great to watch the sunset. 

Fairhope Pier

We had actually stayed near here about a year ago when Jonathan’s parents came down to meet us before we headed west. 

It was a great stay at Big Daddy’s Grill and we are thankful for Jason having a place for us to park and rest. 

Big Daddys Thank You

When we were asking the kids about where we should go (before we even left Indiana) they said they just wanted to go to a beach. So, we did our best to get to one as soon as possible. Which leads me to our next stop.

Creole, Louisiana.

Rig And Truck Beach Side

We pulled onto Rutherford Beach early afternoon and the wind was really whipping the sand and Ada and Jax were crying that it hurt having the sand hit their legs... Not quite the beach we all envisioned. It was completely full of litter. Some washed up and some from people who are idiots and can’t throw their own trash away. 

It’s really frustrating to go to all these places that could be really cool and they are full of trash. We spent an hour or so collecting trash from the shore and ended up with a huge garbage bag full. 

This is a place that could have been a great stay but bad weather forced us out early. With tornado warnings, flood warnings and sever weather alerts, we asked the kids if we should leave or try to stick it out.

They said, we'll just build a trench and we'll be okay. So, they started digging.

Kids Digging Trench

Once I received a text from a friend saying she hoped we were okay due to the tornado warnings...we decided to head into town for the night to stay away from the storm. We overnighted in a wal-mart parking lot and regrouped. Trying to figure out where to go for the remainder of the week so that Jonathan could work. 

We found this really cute little city park campground called Intracoastal Park and it was a gem of a place.

As And Intracoastal

We watched the boats pushing the barges all day. Kids had a blast waving to see if they would wave back. Most did which I thought was really sweet. We met a neighbor who was fishing and the kids asked him all kinds of questions about what fish he was hoping to catch and how to clean them. Then the kids remembered that we had fishing poles in the very back of the truck (not easily accessible) so we dug through trying to find them. 

They had such a blast sitting on the dock trying to catch fish. We didn’t catch a thing but they had fun. 

Kids Fishing Intracoastal

With our beach trip turning out to be a bust and us dying of the humidity in Louisiana, we decided to keep heading west. We were ready for red rocks and low humidity. 

Follow along with us as we head west. We don’t know where we are going yet, but that’s the way we like it. 

Locations in this post


Kentucky Horse Park Campground

4089 Iron Works Pkwy
Lexington, KY 40511 USA


Volunteer Park

9514 Diggs Gap Rd
Heiskell, TN 37754 USA


Earthborn Pottery

7575 Parkway Dr
Leeds, AL 35094 USA


Meaher State Park

5200 Battleship Pkwy
Spanish Fort, AL 36527 USA


Big Daddy's Grill

16542 Ferry Rd
Fairhope, AL 36532 USA


Rutherford Beach

Gulf of Mexico
Creole, LA 70632


Intracoastal Park

7955 Intracoastal Park Rd
Sulphur, LA 70665 USA