Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / September 18, 2014

Hi there! Welcome to BareNeckers - We're a family of 6 that travels full-time. We're also counter-culture, against the grain, off-in-our-own-little-world weirdos! We love homeschooling, tattoos, dreads, art, foodtravel and ignoring conventional wisdom. We sold our house in May of 2015, bought a Grand Design Refelection 323 BHS 5th wheel and are currently on a quest to explore the country, simplify our lives and give our kids unforgettable experiences instead of disposable things.

Jonathan (the husband) runs FortySeven Media, teaches other web shops how to be more profitable and handles the budget at home. Ashley (the wife) homeschools/roadschools/unschools our 4 awesome kids, plots our adventures and creates amazing food out of our tiny kitchen.

After years of keeping most of our "out-there" plans to ourselves, we decided it was time to come clean. Bare our souls a bit and be brutally honest. Our hope is that some of our crazy ideas will inspire you to change your life, marriage, family or business for the better. To take a chance, question the norm and do something different. 

Thanks for visiting! We hope you stay and look around. Here's a few of our most popular articles:

Go be weird,

The Longneckers (aka, the BareNeckers) Jonathan, Ashley, Adali, Jett, Jax & Ada

Jonathan Longnecker

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Jonathan Longnecker is the strongly opinionated tattooed and bearded half of BareNeckers. He loves making music, designing brands, building websites and exploring the outdoors. Currently his jam is renovating a vintage Airstream.

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