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We’re Jonathan & Ashley Longnecker. We love weird ideas, great food, travel, drawing, music, homeschool, tattoos, dreads, woodworking, design and our 4 amazing kids.

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Dad And Fred Planing Wood

Airstream Renovation: Weeks 23 & 24 - We called in reinforcements!

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / March 23, 2017

With the bathroom project behind us, it was time to call in reinforcements. We were nearing 6 months on this project and we were ALL ready for it to be done. 

My Dad had been keeping his twin brother informed on the whole process. They talked multiple times a week and bounced ideas off of each other. Well, Fred has some special tools for making cabinets and we were about to that point, so Dad made a very important call. 

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Setting Tub

Airstream Renovation - Bathroom

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / March 11, 2017

Guys, we are so far behind. Let me back up a bit and tell you about our bathroom.

We choose to go really functional with the bathroom. Instead of picking designer tile and spending way too many hours grouting said tile, we chose a simple bathtub with a plastic inclosure and shower curtain. 

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Angels Peak Family

Angel's Peak Scenic Area New Mexico

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / February 11, 2017

Back at the end of August we were driving non-stop from La Grande, OR down to Texas to sell our 5th Wheel and pick up the Airstream. 1,700 miles in 5 days. Whew. We stopped in Bloomfield, New Mexico to overnight. Exhausted and tired of sitting the car all day, we needed an adventure. 

It was late, but Trip Advisor showed this little place about 20 minutes away called Angel's Peak. Nothing crazy - just some cool mountain views. In fact, the reviews even said the main peak had eroded recently to the point where it didn't even resemble an angel anymore. But we decided to try it.

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View From Kids Room

Airstream Renovation: Weeks 21 & 22

Ashley Longnecker Ashley Longnecker / February 06, 2017

These last two weeks have been a bunch of little things. While our home doesn’t look a whole lot different from week 20, there are a few odds and ends that needed to be done. Let’s have a look!

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How We Make Money

How we make money on the road

Jonathan Longnecker Jonathan Longnecker / January 31, 2017

We get asked fairly often how we make money on the road. And it's a great question. The truth is, many types of jobs don't lend themselves well to traveling full-time. Thankfully without realizing it we started several years ago building an income that was location independent. It was just the first step, though. Read on to find out more.

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Vintage Airstream Remodel

After a year of full-time travel we sold our brand new 5th wheel, bought a 1972 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht and are currently in the process of completely renovating it for boondocking and off-road travel.

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